When I was growing up I envied a friend who had a room full of Ikea furniturepurpose-built, shiny and new. Walls painted the particular color of his choosing
My boyfriend's mother offered to buy us a bedroom setShe was shocked to discover we had gone with as cheap an option as Ikea
He took me along to Princeton partiesI insulted a girl when I didn't know what a Rhodes scholar was
After we broke up, he left me the furniture
My job moved me from a “nice cubicle”,to a cubicle with a pillar through it,to a shared cubicle, to a desk in a hallway.I took the hint
I decided to adopt a dogWhen I brought him home his eye was infectedHe lunged towards chicken bones in the street
When I didn't let him in the bathroom with me,he shivered in fear and pissed on the floor.He wedged himself between my thighs to sleep.The next day I lied to the animal shelter and told them I was allergic.
I burned through all my savings.I sold the furniture on craigslist and made just enough to buy a plane ticket home
I spent my last 2 weeks in the cityon a blow-up mattress on the floor of my apartmentstaring at my ceiling in the darkwatching the headlights passing by.

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