We saw a movie about a pair of arms dealersHe told me that had been his childhood dreamI told him I would sell guns with himif he asked me to
he wanted to strong-arm our investors for a seat on the board.
A few weeks later he was forced out of the companyHe told me it was only a matter of time and to just quit without saying anything as a final fuck you
He came back to my apartmentand passed out on my expensive sofaI watched him for a minute before putting a blanket over him
In the morning he called his wife and told her I was quitting.was that what I was doing?my hand was swelling
At my gym I went to a wrestling class for a “very special training session” We took off our shirts and covered ourselves in grease and my body was slammed on the dirty, sticky, sweat filled ground over and over until I puked
I called in sickI started walking around aimlesslyPlaying the same song overand overand overand overand over
I began to lose track of timeI messaged him again and again deep into the night until he threatened me
My mother came to town to get meThey emailed to let me know I had been let goMy mom fed me sleeping pills and drove me home

In less than 10 seconds,

a man who steps into

flowing corn can

sink up to

his chest, becoming immobilized,

said Robert Aherin, agriculture safety leader in the

agricultural engineering

department at the University of Illinois

at Urbana-Champaign. Within another 10 seconds,

he can be submerged and unable to breathe,

essentially drowned in corn.


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