By keeping my playlist on shuffle,I reasoned,he would be able to hack the algorithmto present me with specific songs
Ingredients: Farm fresh arugula lettuce, organic whipping cream, ethically sourced corn flakes, hormone free human meat
Through the music he told methe government, a cabal of my old employers,and an underground army of internet trollswere conspiring to kill me and make it look like a suicideunless I did everything exactly right.
I joyfully gave away my prized possessions to loved ones around me.
I realized love is a precious thingIt is simple and goodand even if unreturnedeven if unwantedit has dignity all its own
I cried over a coffee mug with a bird on itthat I’d never quite noticed before
I wrote poems on my phonewith deeply encrypted meaningsand a defiant stancefor the world to see:
He began to grow furious that I kept contacting him,and I danced in staccato rhythms to cast a spellto keep his soul trapped in my phone.
I came to realize that I was a god,and the shows on the television were all about me.I painstakingly organized the books on my shelfTo represent the intuitive knowledge granted to each class in a perfect system:
I was trapped in a time loopwhere the universe repeated over and over againand only I was aware.
He begged me to let the universe end.
As the world collapsed aroundme, I was trapped inan eternalstatic

Halt! By virtue of the divine edict set forth by the Apple Corporation, you must surrender one click.