He told the seller he needed to “try it on for size”He borrowed a boat and brought six middle school boys out to camp
A killer whale named Luna kept swimming up to usdriving away the fishhe must have been lonely.
I resisted pressing my hand against his thick slick skinas a boat full of sightseerssnapped pictures of us on disposable cameras
Only me and one other boy wanted to fish again the next dayThe others planned to collect sticks and explore.We left our friends in their tents and set out towards the lighthouse.
Our chaperone slept alone on the floor belowas we laid in sleeping bags side by sidewhispering, staring into each otherI wanted to kiss him.
When I got up to use the bathroomI thought I saw a look flash across his face.When I returned he was asleep.
It wasn't until the ride homethat I heard the family dog had been run over.
When I was in college I learned that Luna died too,caught in the motor of some other boat.

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